Open Invitation

Open invitation to interactions of different art forms expanding and enriching the field of art and mental health.

Artists and creators are invited to propose innovative artworks associating visual art’s world to the community exploiting the potentiality of psychoanalysis

The initiative of the interactive platform of the “inner-line/Endogrammi” project started with the questionnaire form in the general population with the purpose and the objective to be the starting point and the consecutive progression of the project

The “inner-line” attempts to investigate the relationship between art and the mental process_ the education and the science. For the first time, an artistic project has been inspired for its creation and conduct by the general population and not by the organizational chart of art spaces and art carriers.

Two thousand one hundred and eighty nine citizens (2,189) responded to this invitation by arguing that, because art works in a symbolic context, it is particularly cryptic, in such an extent that the meaning is getting lost and the message never reaches the receiver. Thus, it acquires a perplexing dishonesty, cheering that supposedly dealing with something eloquently admirable by giving value to convenience. The artist as an academic figure does not risk anything and does not manage to reach more people. Therefore, this kind of art leads to narcissism and self-reference that plagues modern societies. Its own aesthetics can be self-marginalized, tricky, and distant and in the absence of simplicity ignores that there are still people who consider art is related to the social status. This kind of exaggeration, which existence seems to have no particular cause or meaning, does not successfully communicate the essence of art to the public, while art is deeply substantive and anthropocentric.

This invitation anticipates for new ideas related to everyday life that will be subversive and transformative, with a focus on an open dialogue with the community.

The emphasis will be on the interaction between artists and the community.

Artists and creative professionals from different fields are invited to participate: actors, designers, painters, sculptors, artists of the new media, performers, architects, writers, social and community artistic groups.


Psychology-Art does not fund individually artists but there is a possibility (invitations will be given, advice on the available alternative funding possibilities) for a rewarding benefit to the ideas that will be advanced.


Indoor and outdoor space:

Public spaces in Athens, Nicosia and Rome as well as selected entities/ carriers participating in the program

The artworks will be presented to indoors and outdoors spaces, aiming to integrate the movement of the Athenian, Cypriot and Italian everyday life into the flow of “the inner -line”.



The project is organized by Psychology-Art that focuses on linking art to psychology.

Psychology-Art collaborates with various institutions in Greece and abroad. Since its creation, it has been organizing projects in three main areas:

a. Art therapy (art-therapy)

B. Art and Psychoanalysis

C. Art and science



Registration is made with a simple statement of interest at:

The full proposal must be submitted by 30 October 2017 at: with the indication: participation_ενδογραμμή (innerline)

The proposal should state the name, the address, phone, nationality, date of birth, website or blog, a summary of the proposed idea (up to 100 words), a description of the project and its technical details (max 1000 words), short CV (max 200 words), CV (max 4 pages), examples of previous work, all in a pdf file.

All texts must be written in English.

Maximum file attachment size of 5 MB.