_ therapy Now art _ Simultaneously with the project’s “Endrogrammi” questionnaire, begins a pilot recording of workshops that happen in places of art. Its purpose and ambition is to detect the viewer’s aspect and the creations of the artwork in general population . The conclusions will be announced on the projects platform after all workshops complete.

A’ Workshop : Art Athina 2017

Participating: Kostas Varotsos, Elena Tonikidi | Coordinated by Depy Rizou | Maria Genitsariou, Rania Kapeliari [Ersi’s gallery]

The artists will present a selected piece of art , a conversation with Amarjit Chandan’s poem “ Wear Me” and the visitors /audience will attempt the recreation of it.  Sculptures, paintings, calligraphy , art therapy and physiology attempt to discover the elements of the artist /audience that is left , allowed to be adopted , rejected, analyzed or even to be imagined in the artistic work.

B’ Workshop : Pafos 17 European Capital of Culture

This workshop attempts to create a dialogue between the artists, the therapists and the public.  We will discussing through the medium of art and art itself. Everything could become images. Powerful images that include and exist in a place of multiple changes that correspond to the parts of our psyche reality. This transformation work will carry the meaning of a psyche performance into a secondary one, causing an action, an internal change for the participants but also for the spectators.

By the Artist Maria Papacharalambous (CY) and Artist–art-therapist Elena Tonikidi (GR)