The “Art psycho, Architecture” project, implemented by “Psychology-Art”, at “Labattoir”, is addressed to graduate students of the Department of Visual Arts, Fine Arts, the Department of Psychosocial and Humanistic Sciences (Psychology, Pedagogy, Philosophy etc.) and in the general population. A group of therapists, theorists and artists found on a common ground/place, “a place of creation”, willing to develop their own sense of self in their artwork.

Curator Text

The importance of human, our perception of self, our sense of self, have philosophical, anatomical, functional, psychosocial and social implications. Despite the utopia of the ideal self, its exploration will always have a prominent place in the human history. This project aim is basically an artistic approach of all these implications (with painting-movement, writing –literature-musical), which will constitute a conversation, a reflection and a sort of communication between the primary and the secondary process. The process consists three phases: Projection, Digestion, Re-introjection. The realization is an unconscious process which arises through the performance of the artistic creation.

Artist’s conscious writing, loudly speaking οn his mind, admittedly influencing any human thought, will constitute in the unconscious act and recognition of creation, an alternative type of communication, especially semiotic and that symbolism could be characterized as a form of speech, through the images of the produced artwork. When the reflective material can be seen as the meaning of a structure, thus symbolizing internal mechanisms, it is possible to reintroduced, recognized and accepted as a part of self.

This Painting language/ Art language/ reality will transform to “the Reality”, and continue existing as a re-consistent space.

The artist/ creator reestablishes his balance, his characteristic painting approach to this reality, by using specific features and painting “manners”, presenting another new way of approaching reality. The “other” artist will find his own channel to express himself and this channel is the new element added to the art process, offering a wider knowledge and perception of reality.

It is acknowledged, that decades ago, before the word “art” was introduced into the system of any culture, and there was the human need for creative expression beyond what the completion of the utilitarian tasks. What nowadays know as art, the construction of events or objects of contemplation through the act of imagination was back then just an aspect of everyday life. Its heterogeneity was marked by its detachment from the mundane aspects of everyday life. The body decoration of people, with tattoos, scaring and jewelry, cave painting, choreography of stone monoliths, chanting, dancing and telling stories on a fest day, everything testifies the concept of the dual nature of human life and imprinting of this self-aware image of the community. It was the human body that constitutes another form of being an animal or a deity, a spirit or a part of nature. Being a human seemed having the right or the obligation to transcend the human limits of the body and mind and establishing a drama od superhuman dimensions.

Since the dawning of human’s history, art has been used as a mean for communication, but also as a healing tool.

The artwork –in all its different versions: art, music, dance, literature- is usually a product of deliberate energy and its purpose is not necessarily coincide with the interior-unconscious purpose of its creator, nevertheless, is included in its essence, as Hegel points out. However, this inner-transcendent nature of the art purpose is associated with self-perception, as the mental process determines the health frame of reference of the individual.

In this four-day project, we will attempt to trace the “Feeling if Self- an Architecture”, in new fields of conversation od the psyche through art, through the inner and outer artist/therapist, a “rebuilding” with action within the field of action.

Elena Tonikidi

Curator of the project

proceedings dialogue of the project :

Kostas Gemenetzis,Elena Tonikidi,, Dorothea Konteletzidou, Fotis Kagelaris, Giannis Mitrou, Vassiliki Roussou