The Open Centre of psychotherapy Psychology – Art works with specialized mental health staff and psychotherapy is focused on the composition of basic techniques of the main psychotherapeutic approaches (eg, counseling, psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, etc.) based on personalized needs of the interested person, instead of applying a unique therapeutic approach for every concerned and any issue.Employment opportunities


Open Psychotherapy Center

Center is available to all the people that need to consider personal matters that concern them and to examine any issue that affects negatively their daily life. The center is specially designed creating a cozy, relaxing environment, thus enabling the provision of psychotherapy and always in accordance with the Code of Conduct. The center operates on the professional standards of health professions. In times of economic crisis where the length and cost of treatment are even more critical factors, center provides its services as follows:

First session / reception history Free

Reference as the need arises to: – Organizations Mental Health Public – Private Mental Health agencies – Partners / Psychology / Psychiatry Centre  at a reduced cost Session

Information and appointments 2310-257070
e-mail :

Please leave your name and your telephone number and we will contact you for the first date . Coordinator Theodora Vasiliadou, psychologist MA Counselling