experentialGroupsDuring the meetings the people that will participate in the group  will have  time to develop completely their human potential in a climate of mutual acceptance and trust . Through understanding the acceptance of diversity and uniqueness of each individual participation of members in the group expand their communication skills, all-round development of their self and achieve interaction and contact with their creative self.


Focus of attention on the individual and the experiential practice (experience)

Priority to the need of the individual to be important , to be calculated , to be loved and to the recognition of  its dignity

Developing  of its creativity

Taking responsibilities

Ability of choices


  •  Αrtistic 
  • Humanistic 
  • Social                                                                                         
  • Cognitive

Self-Knowledge groups

2 hours / week ( 8 months)

Parents groups

2 hours / 15 days ( 8 months)

2 hours / week ( 8 months)

Relationships workshops

6 hours / month ( 8 months)